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  • A Sunken Shield

    A Sunken Shield

    The River Tyne was an important access point for Roman ships, bringing supplies and soldiers for the forts along Hadrian’s Wall. We’ve already seen some of the intriguing objects pulled from its watery depths, like the altars to Neptune and Oceanus. But what else has been discovered lurking beneath the surface? Our object today is…

  • Bathing Venus

    Bathing Venus

    Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, we’re seeing more people out at the coast braving the North Sea for a swim – and it reminded us of one of our favourite objects in the Great North Museum: Bathing Venus! This stone may not have an inscription, but it’s…

  • Mysterious Mithras

    Mysterious Mithras

    The many ancient gods and goddesses are one of the most interesting parts of Roman life! We’ve already seen examples of the Romans bringing their own gods to Britannia (Neptune and Oceanus), as well as what happens when the Romans decide to adopt a local British god like Brigantia, or Antenociticus. But do they ever…