• Ancient Stories: Brigantia

    Ancient Stories: Brigantia

    Did you know the Romans liked to borrow gods and goddesses from other cultures? This week, we’re looking at some Romano-British gods and goddesses. These interesting figures were a blend of Roman mythology and Celtic mythology, resulting in new and unique deities at the northernmost point of the Roman Empire. This process of blending two…

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  • Ancient Stories: Oceanus Answer Key

    Ancient Stories: Oceanus Answer Key

    Salve! (Hello!) In our last post, we set you a challenge – decoding the message on the second Roman altar which was fished out of the River Tyne. Let’s see how you have fared with your first foray into reading Latin inscriptions! This short video looks at who this altar was for, and why it…

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  • Ancient Stories: Neptune & Oceanus

    Ancient Stories: Neptune & Oceanus

    For our first week celebrating the North East Festival of Languages, we are exploring the gods and goddesses brought to Britannia (Britain) by the Romans. Over 100 years ago when the Victorians were building a new bridge across the River Tyne, they found a very watery Roman surprise: two altars. An altar is a special…

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