Ancient Stories: Antenociticus

Did you know there is a very special Roman god found only in Newcastle? Back in the 19th century, a small temple was discovered in Benwell, an area in the west of the city. Three stone altars were also excavated, along with the head and arm of a statue. The inscriptions on these altars tell us that the temple was built to honour a god called Antenociticus (an-ten-oh-kitty-cuss). So who is he? Let’s find out more!

In this short video, Elizabeth introduces the site and artefacts discovered at Benwell:

Before we look at the inscriptions on the altars to Antenociticus, a task! Can you help restore the full statue? And if you need a bigger challenge: can you use the Latin body parts on the last page to label your creation?

Happy drawing – we’d love to see what you come up with!


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