Ancient Stories in Stone

Join us for this year’s Express Yourself: NE Festival of Languages, and explore the lives of the Romans who made the North East their home!

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Discover messages left by the Romans almost two thousand years ago: from the beautiful bilingual Latin & Aramaic tombstone of Regina in South Shields to an altar of Neptune fished out of the River Tyne! What can these special stones tell us about the different people who lived here in the far northern reaches of the Roman Empire?

Our resources will be released across the month, grouped into four themes:

Week 1: Roman Gods in Britannia

Week 2: British Gods and the Romans

Week 3: Women of Ancient Tyneside

Week 4: The Roman Army in the Far North

A series of resources investigate a variety of Roman objects from our region while introducing some basic Latin vocabulary and exploring life in Roman Britain. These resources are intended for use by anyone interested in the region’s Roman heritage and ancient languages. We hope you enjoy them!

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